A Tigers & Flamingos WorkbookWelcome to Leadership Street!

This is the leadership workbook I wished to have had throughout my leadership journey, starting when I was 23, telling me there is no such thing as plan A or B to perfect leadership.
It is like walking down a road with many adventures coming up, meeting different people, traffic jams and the occasional road bumps.

This workbook will empower you on your individual leadership journey, starting with you at the centre:

  • You will reflect on yourself and what you really want.
  • You will know what will change for you.
  • You will learn about hands-on leadership tools waiting for your personal tool belt, ready at any time and for any organisation.

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What you can expect…

  • In Chapter 1, “Your Pole Position: What You Bring Already”, you are the centre of attention.
  • In Chapter 2, “Role Change: What Changes?” you will find an overview of what could change in your professional life, as well as which new personal challenges you might face.
  • With all the information about your pole position and possible areas that might change when you transfer to a leadership role, we fill in Chapter 3, “Your Tool Belt: Leadership Tools for all Times”.
  • The fourth chapter contains some “Slice Of Leadership Life: my Personal Favourites”. This is my personal choice of boosters for good leadership, tried, tested, and optimised by myself, peers, former leadership people, and my role models.
  • Finally, you will be able to create a summary in Chapter 5, “Welcome to Your Destination – or Is It a Stopover? ;-)” where you are, what you have learned so far and which could be your next moves as a leader or manager.

The objective of this workbook is that everybody, independent of company size, culture or location, can use it. Thus, the tools and examples chosen will be from varying industries, management levels, and cultural styles.
Additionally, there is a clear focus on developing your soft skills, as these skills will move with you from one hierarchy level to the next and from company to company.

So, it’s time to get your journey started. Fasten your seatbelt for one of your most exciting professional adventures.
Have fun – and even more important, enjoy your journey on leadership street.⭐️


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