Small steps can make big difference

An individual person or company is never too small to make a difference.

My approach to coaching is based on the highest ethical standards. So it was clear to me from the very beginning that I would act according to ecological, social and ethical criteria in all business areas. This applies to all my internal and external activities and relationships.

As orientation and framework I use the criteria of the Sustainable Development Goals" as well as the B Impact Assessment (TM) questionnaire of the B Lab Company.

In the following you will find the measures I have implemented in my daily activities so far. For me this is the beginning of a continuous improvement process.

If you have questions or an idea for improvement potential, please contact me!


  • We have offset more than twice our CO2 emissions Plantely compensated: we are climate positive.
  • Our website is hosted with 100% green energy.
  • At our internal meetings there is exclusively vegetarian/vegan catering.
  • We buy office materials & merchandise exclusively from suppliers who ship climate-neutral. We only use ecologically certified and socially produced products, from secondary raw or upcycled materials.
  • We have reduced our paper consumption to the lowest possible level. For example, we only send invoices digitally and do without unnecessary printouts and copies.
  • Our processes are digitalised to the maximal possible extend.
  • There are no company cars or a company fleet. If possible, we travel to meetings by train, bicycle or public transport.

Supplier Management

  • We put great emphasis on building trusting and long-term relationships with our suppliers.
  • In advance to assigning a business, we assess whether there is a cultural fit with our values and if the chemistry is right.
  • Diversität ist äußerst wichtig für uns. Deshalb haben wir fast ausschließlich Lieferanten mit diversen Führungsteams, z. B. mit Frauen in Führungspositionen, da dies viel über die Unternehmenskultur aussagt.
  • Support your local supplier: Whenever possible, we nominate suppliers from our community and vicinity.
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