Business Ethics & Standards

An individual person or company is never too small to make a difference.

My approach to coaching is based on the highest ethical standards. So it was clear to me from the very beginning that I would act according to ecological, social and ethical criteria in all business areas. This applies to all my internal and external activities and relationships.

I have summarised these measures under the Business Ethics. They include all the points that I constantly apply as a representative of the company. The measures and actions mentioned are to be seen in addition to the legally applicable regulations and the behaviour of an honourable businessman or, in this case, an honourable businesswoman.

As orientation and framework I use the criteria of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the following you will find the measures I have implemented in my daily activities so far. For me this is the beginning of a continuous improvement process. The individual measures are grouped into the categories of sustainability, pro bono activities and stakeholder management.

If you have questions or an idea for improvement potential, please contact me!


  • Company forest: By building up our company forest, the CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided are overcompensated. You can see the forest grow here..
  • The website is hosted with 100% green electricity.
  • The business bank is certified climate neutral.
  • Only vegetarian/vegan catering is used at meetings.
  • Office materials & merchandise are sourced exclusively from suppliers who manufacture & ship climate neutrally. We only use ecologically certified and socially produced products, made from secondary raw materials or recycled materials.
  • Paper consumption is reduced to the lowest possible level. For example, invoices are only issued digitally.
  • All processes are digitalised to the maximum extent possible.
  • There is no company car or fleet of company vehicles. Business trips are made by train, bicycle or public transport.


Pro Bono

  • I dedicate a portion of my time to volunteering for people who, for various reasons, would otherwise not have access to certified coaching.
  • This includes trainings on different topics.
  • If you know someone for whom this would also be relevant, please let me know & contact me..


Supplier Management

  • We put great emphasis on building trusting and long-term relationships with our suppliers.
  • In advance to assigning a business, we assess whether there is a cultural fit with our values and if the chemistry is right.
  • Diversity is one of our company values and is crucial to us. That's why we prefer suppliers with a diverse leadership team, e.g. with women in management positions, as we believe that this tells a lot about the corporate culture.
  • Support your local supplier: Whenever possible, we nominate suppliers from our community and vicinity.
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