More success together.Team Coaching

Teams are an exciting mix of different characters sharing a common goal. This diversity leads to success, as each individual contribution is important for achieving the goal. Each individual team member contributes to success with their own experiences, perspectives and way of working.

However, if there is an internal or external change in the team, the team dynamic jumps back to start, or "forming" according to Tuckman. This means that the team has to adapt to the new situation in order to continue to be successful. This can be linked to many issues, e.g.

  • The team or the team members have a challenge and you want to solve it specifically with interventions?
  • Your team works remotely and you want to improve collaboration?
  • You would like to clarify team topics preventively - before conflicts develop?
  • Team Building: Euer Team wurde neu zusammengesetzt und performt noch nicht, wie es gerne würde?
  • The company is undergoing a transformation and presents the management team with complex questions?
  • You have an individual topic & want to get objective support?

Team coaching supports the team to perform confidently in the new context and to become even more successful.

We also use the systemic coaching approach, which sees the team in its context as well as the team itself as an individual sub-organisation. Together we work out the existing interdependencies, develop scenarios and jointly derive the next steps to achieve the goals.

To start the process, we develop a detailed briefing together with the client. Then we work with the team in sessions. The process is dynamic and is continuously adapted to the team so that they can achieve their goal.

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