Systemic Coaching

What is Systemic Coaching, and how is the definition?

In systemic coaching, we look at the whole system around the coachee. This means the coachee is considered part of a system, e.g. an organisation. Example: The coachee is part of a management team as well as a leader of a team. Depending on the issue, we work with the environment in the management team or as a team leader. Thus, the complex relationships between the coachee and the individual elements become visible, and we can work out possible solution scenarios to achieve the goal.

It becomes visible how the coachee's attitudes and behaviours influence their own environment and vice versa. This gives the coachee a comprehensive picture of the individual situation and enables them to solve it sustainably.

Example questions are:

  • As a manager, how do I deal with the challenges of the transformed work environment? Keywords: remote working, new work, hybrid work.
  • How do I improve my leadership skills?
  • How can I successfully manage a role change, e.g. a promotion or a move to a new area or company?
  • What does diversity mean for me as a executive? What are my tasks in the organisation and in the team?
  • How do I build trust with my team as a leader?
  • How do I handle difficult situations as a leader, e.g. review meetings or dismissals?
  • How do I build up more stress resistance and resilience?
  • How can I make myself fit for the VUCA environment in the future?
  • Personal development: How do I grow faster into my new leadership role, e.g. after a promotion or after a job change?
  • How do I deal with specific leadership issues?
  • How to achieve a better work-life-balance?
  • Women in leadership positions

We utilize your individual strengths and talents to unfold your potentials. Based on these, we develop together individual strategies, to enable you to reach your goal.

As an individual training or development measure, coaching is the tool to increase the retention rate of employees. With no other format is the issue addressed in such an individualised way. This is why coaching offers real added value, as employees grow in their role as well as personally and thus advance.

The individual steps of the process:

  • Getting to know each other ie. a chemistry check to see if we fit together
  • 1-on-1 individual sessions online or offline
  • Closing discussion

This coaching is ideal for all high-potential and experienced managers who want to solve individual challenges in a preventive and sustainable way.

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