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This podcast covers the wide range of topics, that all pop up in the context of my work as a coach & entrepreneur: leadership topics, learnings about entrepreneurship plus societal trends. Have fun listening to the interesting guests as well as my monologues.

Have fun!

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#038🎙 How to become unforgettable? Interview with Award-Winning Visibility Coach & Motivational speaker Gaëlle Beruel, founder of A Rockstar Mindset® + special gift🎁

We all want to be remembered, recognised and leave a legacy. The first step is here, to become unforgettable. Gaëlle had her lightbulb moment, when she had achieved everything, and every box on her „mental success list“ was ticked: Family, job, holidays. Sitting in the Eurostar on the back home from the holidays, she recognised that something was missing. She asked herself what was next for her. Today, she supports women to be seen, to be heard, to be recognised.
We dive into

  • The importance of neuroscience in becoming visible,
  • Gaëlle’s personal start into the journey to visibility, which was by pinterest,
  • How she defined her purpose and how her business idea evolved by connecting the dots,
  • Why the key point is to to give yourself the permission to think & to get creative,
  • The main reason why women make themselves invisible,
  • The necessity of personal role models.

To make you unforgettable, she shares three steps that you can implement immediately. So think creative, leave your comfort zone & become unforgettable.
As a special gift for you from Gaëlle: 22 Ways To Create Your Visibility Opportunities – 👉🏻Download here
Have fun.⭐️

#037🎙Sales for your success – why marketing is overrated and sales underrated. Interview with Meg Roundell Greene

Two women with one message: do more sales! As somebody with 20 years of experience in digital, marketing and advertising, Meg is the perfect guest. She offers business coaching specialising in sales and so supports women in mastering the art of it. She shares her philosophy of how to sell better and even how she sells her services successfully:

  • Is sales really only failure, rejection and bad mood? Spoiler alert: no! It is an underrated, insight generating tool for you.
  • Why it’s easier to handle a marketing strategy than a sales strategy – and why we don’t learn from marketing mistakes. Hint: Blaming something else or an algorithm for the failure is always easier than honest self-reflection.
  • The important process of detachement from your product or service: When you are not focussed on yourself, you can focus on the client’s needs and sell well.
  • How does a successful strategical sales strategy look like?
  • What social seling really means vs. what is sold to you by successful consultants: Social selling is completely different to the lead farming and harvesting happening on business platforms.
  • The tricky topic of price positioning: Why the money mindset will not work if the rest is not delivering.
  • Creating trust by being consistent in every situation & with every touch point in your marketing.
  • Three boosters that you can implement immediately to start a great sales strategy: Connect like in the cave, forget about yourself & being honestly curious.

Have fun!⭐️ 

#036🎙How to create a great working environment for you – at home: Interview with interior designer Raluca Racasan of I love this place, London

Our environment does influence and shape us 24 hours a day. It can make us more creative, motivated, happy as well as stressed. Think grey work cubicles in the office building or constant artificial light. New office interior concepts are improving the workplace environment, yet if people work from home, this remain empty.

With the symbiosis of home and office due to the concept of new work, we literally bring our work home into our cave. We are now business professionals in a private, sometimes distracting environment and vice versa. On a subconscious level, this is definitely having an effect on us, which we cannot avoid as human beings. Think of the cosy wear that had a boom during the pandemic. 

So how can we optimise our home to fit the new work requirements? Are there possibilities to separate work and play when they are located in the same room? And what can I do if my budget is close to zero? Raluca’s holistic approach to interior design combines the client’s / your personal objectives, the architectural framework as well as learnings from environmental psychology. Her process starts with an extensive list of easy open questions, which will make you start thinking about what kind of environment you really want and need for your wellbeing. Surprisingly, there are a lot of things we can change within ten minutes. 

She shares her easy-to-implement ideas on the example on three very realistic cases:

1. Rented home & very tiny budget: How can we improve it, if there a lot of restrictions when it comes to changing things?

2. Office space integrated into the bedroom: Is it possible to work & sleep in the same room without negatively influencing the other part of life? 

3. Blow the budget: When you have a spare room without budget limitations.

4. As a bonus: How to create a recreation zone for the quick break in-between.

We will discuss not only ergonomic chairs, lighting, wall papers and even the surprising importance of your coffee mugs. Enjoy and have fun re-designing your home.⭐️

#035🎙 Diversity/DEIBJ: 🙌🏻Relevance & importance, 📝definition, equality vs. equity, four simple steps for a sustainable strategy & strategy development🚀

Diversity is on top of every management agenda. It’s quite interesting to see how this topic evolved from a pure human resources task – or human resources sourcing task – to a very big strategic pillar of every company. 
In this podcast episode I would like to share with you my learnings and experiences from my project work on the topic of diversity. Feel free to use it with a pick’n’mix approach: Just select the ideas and learnings which might suit your company and apply them. 
We will cover: 
  • What we can learn from Star Wars 
  • Why diversity is relevant & important for your company 
  • Which dimensions are summarised under diversity/DEIBJ 
  • Is there something like „the one golden“ approach for a diversity strategy? 
  • Why it’s recommended from my side  to apply the the approach of equity rather than equality 
  • Four steps to kick-start a diversity strategy in your company, including proposals for quick measures 
  • The use & importance of KPIs 
💡Did you apply something? Just let me know! It would be really great to hear from you, which measure you’ve chosen to implement in your company. Please do drop me a message and let me know how it worked out for you. Also if you have any questions regarding diversity, just get in contact with me. 👉🏻 I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.
Have fun!⭐️ 

#034🎙 Role Models: Proceed until apprehended – find your motto and stick to it. Interview with Natascha McIntyre Hall

Natascha McIntyre Hall has an Executive Role in the Development & Construction industry, and was nominated as one of the Top 5 most influential female clients to work with in 2022. Yes: She made it up the ladder in a very male industry. She also has a Masters in Pure Mathematics. And her current major goal & driver is to redefine profit in the industry, from solely monetary to the true benefit to a community through inclusive design. So you should definitely meet her.
My personal reasons, why she is a role model to me: Her outspokenness, the openness & passion she talks about the topics important to her. Also, our shared acknowledgment that we have to make the best of our time & think it’s important to talk to strangers.
As a start, due to current developments, we also talked about the role model function of Queen Elisabeth II. So what did she do? She showed people what was possible. She drove the King of Saudi Arabia around behind the steering wheel, changed the law of succession, had a big heart for her horses as well as dogs. All this by devoting her own life to a role/career that she even did not pick herself. With massive amount of self-discipline.
So what is Natascha’s advice to climb the career ladder? What are her notable achievements & further plentiful ideas to make housing more socially profitable? She gives detailed hands-on-learnings, how to approach the needs of people & why a diversity of ideas is vital to make a project inclusive. Big hint: Gen Z is hugely important as well to create the living of the future.
Finally, we discuss, why it is important to be outspoken, and to live your life, because „life is when you have other plans.“.
My favourite quote: „The ability to speak the truth is sometimes a blessing but sometimes a curse.“

#033🎙Employer Branding Teil 2/2: Welche Hausaufgaben sollten Unternehmen gemacht haben & welche Trends können wir erkennen? Interview mit Jochen Huppertz, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter BUTTER.People
– Wie kann ich mich als Employer Brand/Unternehmen differenzieren, da die Rahmenbedingungen sich verändert haben, z. B. durch Remote Working oder erweiterten Wettbewerb?
– Was ist eine EVP (Employer Value Proposition) & was sollte diese kommunizieren? Welche Floskeln sollten vermieden werden?
– Hat das Unternehmen bereits die Hausaufgaben gemacht? Gibt es eine Klarheit über sich als Arbeitgeber(marke), was ist der Antrieb/Purpose, gibt es eine erlebbare & positive Corporate Culture?
– Ehrlichkeit & Glaubwürdigkei: als Grundpfeiler des Employer Brandings
– Welche Thesen zu den Megatrends gibt’s?
– Worüber sollten sich Unternehmen jetzt Gedanken machen? Stichworte sind u. a. die Relevanz von Werten, Diversity, Gerechtigkeit beim Gehalt.

#032🎙 Employer Branding Teil 1/2: Wie definiert man es zeitgemäß und wie macht man es richtig? Interview mit Jochen Huppertz, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter BUTTER.People
Employer Branding sollte klug & kreativ sein, damit ein Unternehmen sich differenzieren kann. Aber wie können HR, Brand Management & Leadership dieses komplexe Thema angehen?
Wir beginnen mit den Basics, betrachten den vollständigen Entwicklungsprozess, beschreiben, was man als Unternehmen für ein erfolgversprechendes Employer Bradning mitbringen sollte und nennen die wichtigen Megatrends, mit denen sich Unternehmen jetzt beschäftigen sollten.
Im ersten Teil covern wir die Basics & den Entwicklungsprozess.
Was sind die Basics?
– Wie können Unternehmen die Employer Brand in die bestehende Markenwelt & Markenarchitektur einbinden? Wie gehe ich mit dem „One Brand“-Gedanken um?
– Was ist den eigentlich eine Marke grundsätzlich & welche Bedeutung hat dieses Verständnis für Employer Branding?
– Wie kann das Thema strategisch gedacht werden: Gehen dauerhafter Prozess & Quick Wins Hand in Hand?
– Welchen Einfluss hat Corporate Behaviour?
– Interne & externe Zielgruppen: Wo sollte ein Unternehmen beginnen & gibt es Unterschiede in der Kommunikation?
– Wie können es Unternehmen schaffen, dass Bewerber:innen für ihre Marke arbeiten möchten und das Gehalt nicht allein entscheidet?
– Gibt es für Unternehmen die viel erwähnten Standortvorteile oder Standortnachteile überhaupt?
– Was macht einen vollständigen Entwicklungsprozess für eine Kampagne aus?
– Wie wichtig sind Research & KPIs? Welche KPIs sind sinnvoll?
– Welche Rolle sollten Human Ressources & Marketing innehaben?
– Welchen Einfluss hat das bestehende Corporate Design an die neue Employer Kampagne? Wie schaffe ich den Spagat zwischen Corporate Design & zielgruppengerechter Ansprache? Siezen oder Duzen?
Have fun!

#031🎙: Is your brand a friend? The power of verbal communication, (personal) branding and corporate culture. An interview with Mark Schulz, Head of Words at True & Good.
Thinking about a brand activates the same areas of the brain as thinking about a real person. How can brands use this fact to give customers the feeling they’re with a good friend? Join us in an adventurous deep-dive into language.
Mark is the ideal guest for this topic. He was Head of Brand Language & Guardianship at O2, worked in creative ad agencies, and has an MA in English Language & Literature from the Oxford University.
We discuss the inter-relationships between verbal communication, the personality of a brand at all touchpoints, and the influence of a CEO on the corporate culture
  • How can you approach developing an authentic tone of voice for your brand?
  • How the language of things like recruitment ads reveals the true culture behind the marketing ‘gloss’. What are the simple techniques HR teams can use to make your job advertising more effective?
  • The importance of brand coherency at every touchpoint, internally as well as well as facing outside.
  • Can any brand become a friend by using fun and humour? Or might there be limitations?
  • Ist Apple wieder einmal das Paradebeispiel – oder geht es einfach darum, geschäftliche Silos aufzubrechen?
  • How important is an approachable, easy to understand Purpose statement?
  • Does the CEO have a big role to play? Hint: as they say in Japan, ‘the fish rots from the head.’
Have fun with our episode, recorded in August 2022.

#030🎙Wie kann man Talente anziehen? Mit einer 4-Tage-Woche. Interview mit Margaret Cox, CEO der ICE Group

New work is currently a very hot topic on a Global scale, also due to the changed work environment due to Covid-19. By accident, and due to this circumstance, I was very lucky to meet a real innovator and disrupter of the work environment: Margaret Cox, CEO of the ICE Group based in Galway, Ireland. She’s not only talking about new work, she did a much bigger step than offering home office, fruit baskets, and free water: The implementation of a 4-day-week without any pay cuts for the employees as well as keeping 100% availability for the customers. So how did they do it? The whole process started with one of today’s pressing questions for employers: How to attract talent as a SME in a very competitive environment, where big brands make your CV more shiny. The solution: Give a real employee benefit in the shape of the 4-day-week with no salary reduction. What are the results after two years? E. g. 27% increase in productivity, and a significant reduction in sickies, roughly to zero. Margaret is also an avid ambassador for the 4-day-week and wants to roll it out all over Europe. If you want to learn more just visit Listen here to hear the full inspiring story including exclusive insights how the vision came into life and the detailed process steps.

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