Purpose & MissionTo make my clients sustainably successful.

Where does my Purpose & Mission come from?

Since the beginning of my professional career, I have experienced myself - and also seen with others - what it is like when you have to solve your individual challenges and questions all by yourself. This is due, for example, to the fact that you have no one in your own network or organisation to whom you can turn with trust and openness.

When a coachee carves out time for coaching with me despite their busy schedule, I want to make sure that this time is invested best. That's why my client's goal is the only priority for every session: the flexible, individual process guarantees to get the most out of the session.

In my work with CEOs, leaders, teams and high potentials, I support them to achieve their goals - and to sustain these results over time.
I support my coachees in understanding how their behaviour affects their goal achievement, and provide them with the appropriate tools in the coaching process to achieve their goals.

My core areas of activity are

  • Coaching for leads and high potentials, e.g. in the area of personal development or leadership development;
  • Teams, e.g. management teams, interdisziplinary project teams, management teams.
  • Diversity consulting, from conception to implementation;
  • Training for hot topics, e.g. motivation, stress prevention, as well as inspiration talks;
  • Leadership consulting;
  • and as a passion project Tigers & Flamingos® Coaching Club Podcast covering topics from coaching & leadership.

The coaching process follows the guide lines of the "ICF Code of Ethics". International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.


Principles & Values


  • Artificial Intelligence Statement: Due to confidentiality, coaching ethics & compliance guidelines, I hereby affirm that at no point in working with me AI tools such as ChatGPT will be used in the coaching process. In case of queries, I prefer to speak directly with my contact person(s) at the client or strain my personal network.
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