"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." (Oscar Wilde)Goals may change - your potentials remain.

We all have goals.

Diese können wir erreichen, wenn wir unsere individuellen Potenziale aktivieren und nutzen.

Knowing these potentials has often helped me in my own career.

The biggest change was the end of my first professional career, to study again and then start from scratch professionally. I had not felt comfortable in my old job and knew that I did not want to do this for the next 40 years. Thanks to my strong will, resilience and discipline, this has worked smoothly. It was never a break in my CV, but a long-term right decision.

As a fresh manager who settled into the new role, I learned a lot about the power of appreciation, trust, and honesty. These have now accompanied me throughout my entire career and have proved particularly valuable during my stays abroad.

As I have already experienced and shaped many facets of management and leadership situations myself, I am the right coach when it comes to discovering individual potential, using it and thus successfully reaching the goal.


Coaching areas are amongst others

  • Angehende Führungskräfte und Führungskräfte in technischen Unternehmen;
  • Women with career goals and women in management positions, especially in technical professions;
  • Teams, z. B. interdisziplinäre Projektteams, Geschäftsführungsteams;
  • Late Start-Ups.

PurposeUnsere Klient:innen durch Coaching nachhaltig erfolgreich zu machen.

Ich möchte, dass meine Klient:innen nachhaltig erfolgreich sind – unabhängig davon, wie Erfolg definiert wird. Vielleicht ist dieser gar nicht quantitativ messbar, sondern qualitativ, z. B. durch eine größere Gelassenheit in bestimmten Situationen.

Ich bin ein Partner, der gemeinsam mit den Klient:innen individuelle Lösungen und Strategien erarbeitet, um die individuellen Ziele zu erreichen. Dabei gibt es keine starre Vorgehensweise – der Prozess ist flexibel und wird kontinuierlich der Situation angepasst.

Der Coachingprozess folgt den Richtlinien des International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.

It is also very important for me that the overall customer experience with us is excellent. For me, this begins with the initial contact, continues with the coaching process, and ends with the administrative details.


Corporate ValuesTrust, appreciation, honesty, sustainabiliy, diversity


The basis of my relationships: A cooperation with customers, business partners and suppliers can only be successful if you can trust your counterpart.


My central attitude: We treat everyone respectfully with interest, openness, attention and friendliness.


My belief: To really move forward, you have to be honest with yourself and others.



My responsibility: We do everything we can to ensure that our customers benefit sustainably from our work. We actively integrate ecological, economic and social sustainability into our daily work. We are constantly looking for potential for improvement and would be pleased to receive your comments.


Differences make us interesting. We use them to learn from each other and thus improve our skills, products and services.

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