"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." (Oscar Wilde)

We all have goals.

We can achieve those if we activate and use our individual potentials. Knowing these potentials has often helped me in my own career.

The biggest change was the end of my first professional career, to study again and then start from scratch professionally. I had not felt comfortable in my old job and knew that I did not want to do this for the next 40 years. Thanks to my strong will, resilience and discipline, this has worked smoothly. It was never a break in my CV, but a long-term right decision.

As a fresh manager who settled into the new role, I learned a lot about the power of appreciation, trust, and honesty. These have now accompanied me throughout my entire career and have proved particularly valuable during my stays abroad.

As I have already experienced and successfully shaped many facets of management and leadership situations myself, I am the right coach when it comes to discovering individual potential, using it and thus successfully reaching the goal.


My core areas of activity are

  • Coaching for potential leads and leads, e.g. in the area of personal development or leadership development;
  • Team coaching, e.g. interdisciplinary project teams, management teams;
  • Training for hot topics, e.g. motivation, stress prevention, as well as inspiration talks;
  • Leadership consulting;
  • as well as Tigers & Flamingos® Coaching Club Podcast covering topics from coaching & leadership.

MissionTo make my clients sustainably successful through coaching.

I want my clients to be sustainably successful - regardless of how success is defined. Maybe this cannot be measured quantitatively at all, but rather qualitatively, e.g. through a greater serenity in certain situations.

My client's goal is the only priority for each session: thus the flexible, individual process to reach this goal is guaranteed.

The coaching process follows the guide lines of the "ICF Code of Ethics". International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.


Mission successfulMy coaching principles & values

  • Coaching is for people who really want to get ahead: That's why every session will be a deep dive that brings you real progress.
  • Strengths are great - so are Areas to Improve: knowing & actively working on both will lead to even more personal power.
  • Coaching is real, practical work: that's why my coaching style is practice-based, tangible & honest.
  • My values: trust, appreciation, honesty, sustainabilityopenness.
  • It is also very important for me that the overall customer experience with us is excellent. This starts with the initial contact, continues with the coaching process, the administrative details, and ends with the review meeting.
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